• Constructed with robust, aluminum frame and variable height adjustments for optimal control, comfort, and support
  • Ideal for professional and personal use, the four-wheeled, independent mobility aid helps elderly and disabled individuals move from room to room
  • Includes a storage pouch beneath the seat for holding personal belongings and a seat that allows users to rest when needed
  • When the compact rollator is not in use, it can be folded away for storage or folded down for travel
  • Overall this rollator measures 24.75" W x 24.75" D with a maximum user weight capacity of 364 lbs

Lightweight Rollator with Ergonomic Handgrips
The Days 100 Series Lightweight Rollators helps elderly or disabled users move independently with ergonomic handgrips for optimal control. The handles can be adjusted to a desired height for improved comfort. Available in a range of stylish and vibrant colours, the four-wheeled rollator offers reliable support with its sturdy, aluminum frame.

Lockable Breaks for Increased Safety
Enabling full control of the rollator, the Days 100 Series features loop-lock brakes with adjustable tension to suit individual grip strengths. To lock the back wheels, push down on the handles until they ‘click’ into a locked position. To release, simply pull-up on the brake handles until they ‘click’ and unlock. The lockable brakes help increase user safety and mobility independence.

Adjustable Height Provides Improved Comfort
The rollator also features a built-in seat, encouraging rests during lengthier walks. The padded seat has dimensions 13” D x 14” W x 24.5” H from the floor with width between the handles measuring 19”. In addition to the height adjustable handgrips, the overall frame adjusts from 34.25” to 39” for improved comfort and support. Users can also choose between different sized rollators (XS, S, M, and L) based on height.

Price: £69.95

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